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Dymock Half Marathon and 5 Mile Race

Chip and Number pickup will be available on the day of the race from 7.45am to 8.30am. Please have access to your confirmation email if required.

Race Number Collection

Start Line

The Dymock Half Marathon and 5 Mile Race will start and finish at Dymock Cricket Club. Please arrive at least 45 minutes before the race starts. Both races are open to runners of all ages and abilities.

Races will feature a start by cannon boom.

Medical Support

Medical support will be available at the start/finish line and on call for all other points.

Water stations will be located in 4 locations along the HM course and near halfway on the 5mile race. 

Start Location

Participants of the Half Marathon and the 5 Mile Race will both start at 9am, although from different parts of the field. Both races finish at the same finish line.


There will be the following prizes for both races;

1st / 2nd / 3rd Female

1st / 2nd / 3rd Male

1st Female &1st Male team (3 to score)

FV35 /FV45 /FV55

MV40 /MV50 /MV60

First Local Female (GL18 or HR8)

First Local Male (GL18/ HR8 postcode)


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